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Fed up with calling expensive 0870, 0871 and 0872 numbers?

09 numbers are even worse, topping a pound a minute in call costs, and 118 directory enquiries services are several times this rate!

Not to mention the global companies whose customer service teams are based in America or outsourced to India or the Philippines. We really don’t want to be making international calls (beginning + or 00) do we?

If you can see yourself spending a long time on the phone, for technical support, making a complaint or an otherwise complex enquiry, consider being a little budget-conscious by using this website to source yourself a cheaper UK contact number to dial, then there’s less chance of being cut off (due to credit being drained like a sieve) and less chance of being lumbered with a ridiculously expensive bill after yapping away on & off for an hour between being put on hold!

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Here at UK Contact Number, we’ve fallen victim to expensive phone calls before, so we’re here to help you avoid making the same mistake. We’ve done all the research to find cheap, local-rate UK phone numbers (beginning 01 / 02 / 03) and cheap non-geographical numbers (0843 / 0844) costing no more than 7p per minute when calling from a standard BT landline.

Please note though, irrespective of standard landline rates, mobile networks always make a killing by charging through the roof. Payphones too; and if calling a UK number from abroad, that’s not cheap either. Not much we can do about that, so be a sensible caller and call from a standard landline phone if it’s likely to be a frustrating phone call.

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Be a smart phoner and don’t use that smartphone when you could easily be using a landline for cheaper calls!