Unfortunately, we do not know of any phone number for AbeBooks, especially not a UK contact number.

AbeBooks is a German company and although it has a UK-targetted website (abebooks.co.uk) it does not operate any UK-based customer service provision.

How to access AbeBooks customer service

If you would like to contact AbeBooks customer service you should use the online support ticket system here:

Alternatively, view their FAQs here:

Or write to AbeBooks via their European headquarters in Germany:
AbeBooks Europe GmbH, Ronsdorfer Str. 77a, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany.

AbeBooks is a hugely successful online retailer of second-hand books. Their e-commerce site is used by a diverse range of consumers, from university students looking for cheaper textbooks to collectors of rare first editions.

Although acquired by Amazon in 2008, AbeBooks continues to operate as as a stand-alone online marketplace for second-hand books.

The majority of the books listed are out of print, although the website has seen increasing numbers of newly published books listed in recent years.