Age UK

Advice: To contact Age UK for advice over the phone, dialĀ 0800 169 6565 any day from 8am-7pm and talk to a trained member of staff.

Volunteering: If you would like to volunteer for Age UK, call them free onĀ 0800 169 8787 for information.

Age UK

Age UK is the largest UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of elderly people.

They operate a number of charity shops as well as local Age UK branches for volunteers and people in need of assistance to talk to someone in person.

Age UK’s role includes giving advice to those in later life and those caring for them, as well as providing products to maintain the independence of elderly people.

Additionally, much of the money generated by Age UK through fundraising, volunteering and donations goes to fund the latest research into illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.