To contact Awooza UK, you can email them on or write to their global headquarters in Hong Kong: 2/F 79 Wyndham Street Central Hong Kong.

Who is Awooza?

Awooza is a Hong Kong based retail outlet with a UK ecommerce store for rather affordable digital items – cameras; though the business operations seem to have changed after numerous complaints concerning delayed deliveries, poor customer service, and failure to respond to customer inquiries via phone or email.

Typical examples of their Awooza’s customer’s complaints include:

  • The telephone number they provided was unobtainable.
  • Failure to respond to emails.
  • Suspending its website unexpectedly.
  • Purchase of pricey equipment, but delivery doesn’t arrive at all.
  • Claiming that shipping has been held up when the product isn’t delivered at all.
  • Charging extra for quick delivery but failing to deliver at all.
  • Claiming to issue refunding without actually doing it.
  • Cancelling orders and increasing the price of products unexpectedly.

Generally, there have been loads of negative reviews about the company’s misconduct. Some claim that the Hong Kong business posed as a UK company to defraud people, since there were no signs that an order had been accepted, plus it was hard to communicate with them.

Those who did not lose money via the site used PayPal’s resolution centre to get refunds. But some claim that they actually got the items they ordered delivered.

Currently, Awooza does not seem to be operating in the UK, plus its Hong Kong website now provides information on guitar playing and purchasing audios.