AXA Home Insurance: 0330 024 1235

Being a French-born global insurance giant, AXA provide most typical forms of insurance, including a popular range of Home Insurance policies.

AXA Home Insurance covers you from floods, fires, theft and more, to ensure the value of goods in your home – including the building itself – is insured to preserve its full value in case the worst happens.

Of course, it’s not a complete recovery, because you’re still paying a premium for insurance that you may, potentially, never even have a use for. So what you’re really buying with AXA home insurance is peace of mind that you’re not going to suddenly lose the full value of your home in the event of whichever circumstances you’ve paid to be insured against (floods, fires, burglary, etc).

Contact AXA UK

The UK contact number for AXA home insurance customer services is 0330 024 1235. This actually takes you through to the general customer service team for AXA insurance who can also help you with other AXA products. So, whether you wish to get a quote for a new policy or make a claim on an existing policy, or simply ask a question about the status of your current insurance policy – phone 0330 024 1235 to contact AXA UK customer services today.