Boohoo: 0161 236 5640

If you need to contact Boohoo customer services, email them on or Tweet them at @boohoo_cshelp for customer service help.

Boohoo is a Manchester UK based fashion clothing retailer, boasting funky fashion style and fair mass market prices – not as cheap as budget clothing retailers but way cheaper than the upmarket designer brands.

Boohoo doesn’t welcome customer service phone calls, but just for reference, their head office contact number is known to be 0161 236 5640. This number is said to be only suitable for B2B sales assistance.

49 thoughts on “Boohoo: 0161 236 5640”

  1. I received my order today which was the correct item but wrong size and wrong colour. How do I get it changed?

  2. Half of my order is missing! And I don’t understand why they delivered to my neighbours. How long will it take for someone from Boohoo to contact me?

  3. It’s saying my orders are delivered but I’ve been home all day waiting. Decided to track my order at 8pm and it says it’s delivered, where did it get delivered? I’ve knocked all my street neighbours’ houses and it’s not there and went around the house outside but nothing. Where is it?

  4. I returned my 2 orders back: a leather-look skirt and wet-look leggings, with a cover letter asking for a refund. I still have not heard from Boohoo or got my refund.

    I am a regular Boohoo customer but really unhappy this time, it’s so unprofessional, it looks like this company don’t take anything seriously, it’s a disgrace.

  5. I ordered a dress for next day delivery and it’s not came, how do I contact them to see where they have placed it?

    1. I ordered a dress, but when it came, the sizing was ridiculously small for the size it stated. So had to order the next size up by next day delivery, but no dress came. I’m disappointed as it was needed today. Tracking my item is awful – it doesn’t tell me much compared to other services I’ve used.

  6. I ordered 2 items for next day delivery. It’s been 5 days and I still have not received my items. I’m very, very angry about this.

  7. I ordered some items from Boohoo. I received an email from Hermes saying “your parcel has been successfully delivered”. I never received any parcel, so I want to know where it was delivered to.

    1. The exact same thing has just happened to me. Hermes says it was delivered but it hasn’t been. What was your outcome if you don’t mind me asking? I’m furious.

  8. Thanks to Boohoo for providing a voucher but what’s the point because it’s not working. The message I got was “can’t use voucher due to Black Friday week deals” but the dress I ordered was full price so no deals for me. Earlier my frustration was the 20% off voucher did not work and so my size of dress was gone – Boohoo solved this by providing a voucher as a good will gesture but the voucher is not working! I was so disappointed yesterday when their offer of £1.99 next day delivery did not work and I had to pay £5 and today it’s free again. I tried to buy a million times before 9pm yesterday but the code did not work. Please can anyone give me a call?

    • 1st: I missed the dress I liked.
    • 2nd: I missed the 20% discount.
    • 3rd: The voucher provided did not work.
    • 4th: Despite trying to order before 9pm yesterday, I did not get the £1.99 next day discount.

    This is not just about a £3 or £5 loss or saving, it’s about the overall disappointment I faced as a customer. May I please request that anyone from Boohoo who may read this look into this, as this is certainly not a good experience so far.

  9. I paid for next day delivery and I am still waiting for the delivery. Unless I receive my order today I don’t want the item – instead I would like a full refund on everything.

  10. I ordered my dresses and paid for next day delivery which was meant to have been yesterday. I haven’t heard anything at all. Is this a joke or what?

  11. I have not received my parcel yet. It was supposed to be next day delivery, which was supposed to be 4th of December 2015 by 8pm.

  12. I am very disappointed with Boohoo’s service! I ordered my dress yesterday before their offer ended and paid for the next day delivery and it still isn’t here. It says it should be here by Monday but I need it for tomorrow! Now I do not want the dress and am not shopping with Boohoo next time.

  13. I Received an email saying my parcel had been successfully returned. I didn’t receive the parcel to start with, neither did I return it. These items in my order are Christmas gifts that I still would like.

  14. I paid for next day delivery as I need the item for my Christmas party having sat in all day long not moving from the living room at all tracking stated up to 23:00 item out for delivery. Then changed to delivered at 17:00. I don’t know who it was delivered to but it definitely wasn’t me. Tried contacting Boohoo and Hermes with no success. I now have no idea where my item has been delivered too and have no contact number to speak to anyone. I just want to know where my item is and whether I will be getting it before Monday or a refund for the missing item.

  15. I ordered a dress yesterday with the next day delivery offer and I am still waiting to receive this. The delivery stated it would be here between 8am and 8pm and still nothing. I have been finding it very difficult to track my parcel as it is giving me little information on the where abouts of my dress. I find this very disappointing as my parcels in the past have always been on time. I would appreciate it if someone would be able to enlighten me as to where my parcel is.

  16. I have tried to place an order for a skirt and blouse. When I got through to payment its yet again blocked me. I’m putting the right memorable name in. I have always used this. It’s blocked me before for the same reason. Trying for a week now. The blouse I wanted is now out of stock. I dont think I will bother ordering with Boohoo anymore. They’ve clearly got problems.

  17. I have received an email saying my order has been dispatched then one saying my order has been delivered successfully… I have been in all day waiting as I got my email so I knew my order was on its way it has not been signed for by me, nothing has been posted through my letter box to say it has been delivered somewhere else. So I have no clue where my parcel is. What do I do from here?! As I am very disappointed by this and I have used this site for a long time and never had this problem before. There’s nothing at all to say who or where it’s been delivered to but I have not signed or receive my order. So at the minute someone has my nice new clothes at my expense. I am NOT impressed whatsoever.

  18. Boohoo are very unprofessional. I ordered 2 dresses and was charged for 4. I don’t understand how this could have happened. They have no contact number so you have to do everything by email which is fine if they replied. It says you will receive your money back with 30 days – mine has been almost 6 months. This is a very poor run business. I would not tell anyone to buy from here because issues never get resolved as there is no one to talk to or your email just gets lost in thin air. It’s a total joke!

  19. I ordered a dress on Thursday for next day delivery but I got an email from Hermes on Saturday to say it has been successfully delivered. I work at a school and got it delivered to work for my Christmas party. My school isn’t open on Saturdays. Could someone from Boohoo please tell me where on earth they left my package as it cannot be found anywhere?!

  20. Hi. I want to change the size of my dress. I’ve called the number that I found for customer service but it’s not working. How I can change size? I wrote and a message to Boohoo but nobody replied.

  21. Boohoo service is ridiculous! I ordered on Friday for next day delivery! It’s been 4 days and still nothing here. What the hell is going on? Boohoo needs to sort this service out. I’ve ordered from them in the past and it’s never been like this. Why say next day delivery and not deliver it?! I’m very angry about this. I would like to know where my parcel is! Stupid Hermes don’t even reply! And neither does Boohoo!

  22. I ordered items from Boohoo and paid for next day delivery. It’s been 5 days and I’ve not heard anything about when my items are arriving and if they are ever going to arrive. Very disappointed. Why doesn’t Boohoo have a phone call line?

  23. I ordered a dress last Friday and it still hasn’t come, I paid £4.99 for it to be delivered on a Saturday which was the next day and it’s been nearly a week now!

  24. Order placed 4th December, still no goods, tracking not working, Boohoo say please wait another 72 hours. It’s been 15 days!

  25. I missed delivery of my parcel yesterday. Unfortunately the courier didn’t leave a card so I have no way of contacting them. It was Hermes but when I had a Web Chat today they said they couldn’t contact them since it’s a parcel from a retailer. They told me to contact you Boohoo. They are rescheduled to deliver Monday 21st but unfortunately I am working. I wanted to tell them to leave it in a safe place. Can anyone help?

  26. I ordered on Friday and paid £5 for Sunday delivery. Well I have been waiting home all day today and it’s now nearly 10pm. No parcel, and hey-ho there is no contact number to call them, just email. It’s a joke.

  27. One of my packages hasn’t arrived and now it has been a month since I ordered it! I have emailed several times to try and find my parcel! The tracking will not work for my order number so I have no idea where it is! I am not happy that Boohoo have not replied to any of my emails about this! I was expecting this for a specific time and now it’s too late and I no longer need the item! Boohoo has awful customer service and I can’t believe they think this is acceptable!

  28. I am trying to locate my order which was placed 2 weeks ago. I missed the delivery man and have been told the parcel has been returned? How do I confirm this?

  29. I orderd my jacket from Boohoo. I missed the delivery so the number he left me was what I rang – he has gave me the wrong contact details and not got back to me. He has even broke my letterbox. Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy?! How am I suppose to get it now? I can’t even track the item!

  30. I ordered a dress on Monday and paid for next day delivery. I have tracked my parcel and it’s saying address query. This item is needed for tomorrow – could someone help me find out when it’s going to be delivered?

  31. I paid next day delivery for my items and now I have just got an email stating that my delivery won’t be delivered until the day after that? How do I get a refund for my next day delivery?

  32. I ordered clothing items from Boohoo, and was meant for next delivery. The order was not delivered to my address 29/12/2015 but I got an email saying order was delivered and signed for as well. I contacted Boohoo after checking with my neighbours, and surrounding area. Boohoo has not been helpful. I have not received the order. I asked for refund, no reply. Phoned the head office, no reply. Can anyone from Boohoo kindly refund or track order from their delivery agent.

  33. I can’t open my account – I have given it to my sister in Ghana to choose what she wants and put it in the basket so that I can see what she wants and pay for it and for it to be delivered to my address.

  34. I have returned my item 3 days ago and have not had a response yet. My friends told me a refund will be quite quick. I need to know what’s going on with the items I have returned.

  35. Hello, I ordered on Wednesday a Black Leah Backless Body and paid for next day delivery and it was meant to come yesterday but today is Friday and still I haven’t got the item. Also I received an email that says my item is with MyHermes but I still don’t have the item and I paid for next day delivery because I needed it for tomorrow! I am really disappointed and I hope Boohoo allow me to have the top before tomorrow otherwise I will ask for a refund!

  36. I ordered for next day delivery before 5pm on Sunday and still have not received my parcel. It was meant for my birthday which was yesterday. I’ve never had a problem before but am very disappointed with the service this time.

  37. I received a parcel yesterday but it only has half my order. Please can someone from Boohoo contact me regarding this? How can I contact Boohoo?

  38. I have not yet recived my refund which was sent via post 6 days ago. How long does it take?

  39. Help! I’ve sent my returns back but think I’ve packed my iPad. What do I do?

  40. Boohoo emailed me that my parcels have been send to me but I didn’t receive it up to now and it’s really frustrating. Order number UK100800350, it was for next day delivery ? – this is very strange.

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