Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Phone Adviceline on 03444 111 444. This is the Citizens Advice Bureau’s telephone-based advice service.

Citizens Advice, formerly the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), is (allegedly) a UK NGO (non-governmental organisation) and an independent charity, offering advice and support to people in the UK for any problems they may be experiencing, from immigration issues to money problems to domestic violence.

I say allegedly, because every government department sends people there to avoid having to deal with sticky problems themselves, thus devolving liability to an independent, non-governmental organisation. How convenient for the government! Not so convenient for the citizens though, because they often get fobbed off with nonsense information that doesn’t solve the problem – often a problem where the government is actually to blame.

How to contact Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice offers various contact options, as follows.

If you wish to phone Citizens Advice for advice over the phone, call their Adviceline service on at local rate on 03444 111 444.

If you wish to contact their administrative head office, for enquiries other than citizens advice, for example to enquire about volunteering or corporate sponsorship opportunities, phone 03000 231 231.

For the full range of options, including physical/postal addresses and their online Live Chat widget, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau’s office website and view their Contact Us page here: