Credit Reference Agencies

There are many companies in the UK which could be described as Credit Reference Agencies, however, no major company in particular stands out as “The Credit Reference Agency”, so here’s a couple of the main ones:

Callcredit by Experian is one of the UK’s leading credit reference agencies – their UK contact number is 0845 366 0071.

If you’d like to contact Callcredit’s parent company Experian about their alternative services, phone either 0344 481 0800 or freephone 0800 013 8888 to chat with a customer care representative.

Equifax is another top UK credit reference agency – their customer service helpline number is 0845 603 3000.

These are the largest credit reference agencies operating in the UK with customer care helplines handling requests related to credit reports and credit status. When you call any of these companies’ phone numbers you can expect to be connected to a support agent capable of offering an overview of services you may be interest in, as well as advice relating to account management, and if you’re lucky you may even pick up some tips on the improvement of one’s credit score to permit purchase of items on credit at many major retailers.