DPD: 0870 042 0478

Contact DPD by calling their UK general enquiries helpline on 0870 042 0478 or use their Birmingham phone number 0121 275 0500.

If calling from abroad to contact DPD in the UK, dial the same number but with +44 (UK dialling code) instead of the leading zero, so the international phone number for DPD’s Birmingham based head office is: +441212750500.

Phone this helpline to track your delivery or get customer service general assistance from DPD UK – they can help whether you have a parcel delivery yet to be sent, pending in processing, or received already.

An alternative to using the phone to contact DPD is to use their online customer support form via this webpage: https://www.dpd.co.uk/forms/customer-service-enquiries-general.jsp


About DPD

DPD (the Dynamic Parcel Distribution company) is a postal courier very in Europe. It’s currently one of the leading parcel delivery companies in the UK.

Owned by parent parcel delivery company GeoPost, DPD is the courier of choice for many online retailers in the UK due to their reliability, flexibility, global reach, fair pricing and speedy delivery to European countries.

However, DPD’s recently deregulated industry means the business has experienced much competition, with heated rivalry particularly in areas of customer service and reputation.

Call DPD on their UK contact number +44 (0) 870 042 0478 or call their Birmingham UK office on +44 (0) 121 275 0500.