eBay: 0870 042 1148

Contact eBay.co.uk Customer Service on their 24-hour UK helpline via this phone number: 0870 042 1148.

Calls to the 0870 number cost 13p per minute (‘service charge’ imposed by receiving party) plus a variable network ‘access charge’ imposed by your own phone company upon you calling any 0870 number.

Alternatively, call eBay customer services for free using their UK freephone contact number: 0800 358 6551.

eBay eBay is the world’s leading auction site, where anyone can sign up to sell their own second hand goods online.

Having purchased PayPal due to its ability to empower customers to buy products online most conveniently, eBay are going from strength to strength as the world’s leading peer-to-peer ecommerce portal.

To learn more about how eBay works or get help with your own trading on their website call eBay’s UK customer service team on 0870 042 1148 or freephone 0800 358 6551.