Call Connection Service Jury Service: 0843 504 7220 Calls cost 7p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Jury Service.

To contact the Jury Summoning Bureau (JSB) regarding jury service, phone 0843 504 7220 (for £0.07/min plus network access charge).

Alternatively, you can also call 0300 456 102 – this is the mobile-friendly contact number for Jury Service promoted on UK government websites.

There are also other numbers that can be called to contact the Jury Summoning Bureau, including 020 7202 6800 which costs the same as the 03 number to call from mobile or landline, and 0845 803 8003 (7p/min + operator access charge) which may be a little bit more costly to call but not by much.

If you would prefer not to use the JSB’s helpline, 
you can write enquiries to them at this email address:

Jury Service is a legal obligation that UK citizens must undertake, wherein they must sit on a jury panel within a trial in criminal court.