Loans Direct UK

Unfortunately Loans Direct UK’s anonymously-registered website no longer exists. The company seemingly ceases to exist.

When their website was online, it advertised this semi-premium rate phone number 0844 704 8272 (charged at 7p/min + access charge) beneath the words “Speak to your Account Manager Today“.

When Loans Direct’s old website was operational, it had a “Contact Us” link and a “Send us an email” link, both creating a popup of this externally-hosted contact form: – for the time being you can still access to the old contact form directly via this link.

You may still be able to email the person responsible for setting up the website, via this proxy address provided by their domain registrar ( for anonymity purposes:

These days, if you search Google for Loans Direct UK you will find a different company – by Gopher Money Limited – piggybacking off the notoriety of the former company’s name.