UK Customs: 0843 504 7190

Contact UK Customs on 0843 504 7190 (at 7p per minute + access charge) if your enquiry relates to the Border Force operations run by the Home Office, alternatively call HMRC on 0843 504 7177 (same rate) if you are calling about seized goods.

UK Customs is a join effort of the UK Border Force (a department of the Home Office) and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to control goods that come in and out of the country, ensuring nothing illegally offensive (such as unlicensed weapons) goes in or out, and to ensure everything that goes through gets taxed inline with the government’s current tax policies.

You can contact the Border Force’s wider department – the Home Office – on this phone number: 0843 504 7190 (7p/min + access charge). This number is suitable for complaints and general enquiries – phone them and they will put you through to the relevant department (ie, the Border Force if needs be).

Sometimes HMRC is the organisation responsible for seizing goods at UK air, sea and rail ports. If you need to contact HMRC you can do on this number: 0843 504 7177 (for £0.07/minute + network access charge).