Contact Verizon, the USA provider of Internet, on this phone number 00800 47 22 0000.

This international freephone number lets customers in the UK on holiday or taking a Verizon mobile abroad with them receive customer care.

For customer service or technical support with your Verizon Internet or mobile contract, enquire via email:

Verizon is an Internet service provider and telecoms company based in the USA, with millions of Americans receiving phone contracts and net connections through them.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Contact Verizon Enterprise Solutions on 0118 905 4017 – this phone number’s advisors help telecoms businesses.

Email Verizon Enterprise Solutions for technical support or business enquiries about their telecoms expertise:

Verizon Enterprise Solutions is a European division of the US Internet giant, Verizon. They provide consultancy and hardware to individual telecoms and ISP companies in the UK and Europe, spreading fast Internet connectivity.