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Contact Sky – phone 0870 025 0501 or freephone 0800 151 2747

Call Sky on their freephone number 0800 151 2747 for urgent customer care over the phone between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm, Monday to Sunday (UK time).

This are the best UK helpline numbers for contacting Sky customer services – they can help with Sky Broadband and TV packages as well and any of the company’s other services for businesses and personal consumers.

Happy family using Sky Broadband

Sky is the UK’s leading home entertainment & communications service provider and as such they are receive thousands of customer service phone calls a day which comprise new customers joining Sky and seeking sales support, happy customers wishing to upgrade their current packages, and unhappy customers seeking to file complaints and cancellations.

Customers often phone up with technical difficulties, seeking technical support over the phone, especially for Sky TV and Sky Broadband. Whatever the nature of your enquiry, rest assured Sky’s customer service team can help if you phone their contact telephone number 0800 151 2747.

We also have a range of dedicated helplines for each of the main Sky departments – in the table below you can find dedicated phone numbers for Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, general customer service, billing and cancellations.

Department Phone Number
Sky TV 0800 151 2747
Sky Broadband 0800 151 2747
Sky Talk 0800 151 2747
Sky Digital 0800 151 2747
Installations 0800 151 2747
Technical Support 0800 151 2747
Billing 0800 151 2747
Cancellations 0800 151 2747
Join Sky 0800 151 2747

At UK Contact Number we hope you’ll find this page of Sky contact details useful. The table above is an especially convenient reference – feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it at any time. But on the off chance that you’re still struggling to find the most appropriate contact details for your enquiry to Sky, we highly recommend you check out the Sky page on the new Contact Numbers directory at which features what is in our opinion (after extensive research) the most comprehensive set of Sky contact details available on any single page of the world wide web today.

Introducing Sky and its main consumer services

Sky is a UK-based satellite TV broadcasting company which also offers on-demand Internet streaming media (Sky TV On Demand), broadband services (packages include Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky Fibre Unlimited and Sky Broadband Lite) and a telephone service (Sky Talk).

Headquartered in Osterley, London since 1989; Sky focusses on its services in the United Kingdom and Ireland while also maintaining operations in central European countries: Italy, Germany and Austria.

Sky was founded by Rupert Murdoch in November of 1990 when rival companies Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merged to form British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) which with the merger became by far the UK’s largest digital television company.

Today in 2015, Sky is now the leading media company and the largest subscription-based television broadcaster in Europe, providing digital TV services to over 20 million subscribers throughout the continent.

How to access Sky’s customer service support

For those who wish to contact Sky’s customer care department, try this free phone number: 0800 151 2747. This is a great number for general customer service (such as when you’re moving home or if you have a billing query) as well as for technical support on Sky TV, Sky Broadband internet, and Sky Talk telephone services.

Sky’s customer service team operated its telephone helpline between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm (UK time), 7 days a week. For after-hours service, you can still access FAQs and raise a support ticket online at

How to contact Sky’s head office

To take your complaint further, or contact Sky’s HR department for example, you can contact the Sky head office directly via the following contact details.

Physical address: Sky Head Office, Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD, United Kingdom.

Phone number: 0333 100 0333 (head office)

This is Sky’s head office’s direct-dial contact telephone number. Calls to 03 numbers are charged at local rate irrespective of whether you’re calling from landline or mobile phone, and these calls do qualify for free minutes on most mobile phone packages that offer inclusive free minutes. The freephone (0800) number advertised on this page, however, is completely free to call from landlines and mobiles and doesn’t eat into your free minutes allowances, but it will not put you directly through to the head office like the 0330 number will.

Spotlight: Sky TV packages – Autumn 2015

All Sky services are available individually or as part of a bundle package deal – choose the offer that’s best for you!

Special packages are available for movie lovers and sports fans – many major sports events are broadcast live in the UK exclusively via Sky Sports.

Sky TV package prices start at £20 per month, and Sky Broadband can be as cheap as £10 per month.

Sky’s customer service department can help you to select a package that is suitable for your individual needs. Alternately, you can make a selection yourself – here are options:

The Original Bundle: 35+ entertainment channels, 11 free-to-air HD channels, 240 free-to-air channels.

The Variety Bundle: 75+ entertainment channels, 11 free-to-air HD channels, 240 free-to-air channels.

The Family Bundle: 75+ entertainment channels, 50+ HD channels, 240 free-to-air channels, Sky Box Sets and exclusive entertainment in 3D.

The Movies Bundle: All the benefits of The Original Bundle plus 11 movie channels, including Sky Movies Disney.

The Sports Bundle: All the benefits of The Original Bundle plus 7 sports channels, featuring 127 live Premier League games.

The Complete Bundle: All the benefits of The Family Bundle plus 11 movie channels, 7 sports channels and over 300 Sky Box Sets – all in HD.

Optional extras on Sky TV packages

Sky TV offers several extras to enhance the viewing pleasure of its subscribers – many of these are included in the cost of service. To learn more about upgrading for extra TV services, phone the Sky customer service helpline on 0800 151 2747 during open hours (8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days).

Note that calls to 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute (the number provider’s service charge) plus your phone company’s access charge, and calls to 0870 numbers cost 13p per minute (plus access charge). Your phone company’s access charge is usually higher when calling from a mobile phone, payphone or overseas – so try to use a landline phone if you envisage yourself being engaged in a lengthy discussion with Sky customer services over the phone! But if you make use of Sky’s free customer service contact number 0800 151 2747 you won’t be charged anything, whether calling from mobile or landline, so long as the call is made from the UK (not calling internationally) and you’re not using a public payphone.

Existing subscribers can also contact Sky TV via email. And whether or not you’re a subscriber, Live Chat is made available on the website for everyone to contact Sky Customer Services during open hours.

Extra services include, but are not limited to:

Multiscreen: Provides the same channels as main subscription on another box. To receive HD channels on a Multiscreen box, a Sky HD box and the Family Bundle (or other HD subscription pack) is needed.

Movies comparison: Comparison of online movie subscription services using top 100 from United Kingdom box office over a period of 12 months. For additional details, visit:

Smart Series Link: Allows you to record televisions series, along with subsequent series in order. This extra is not available on certain older Sky HD boxes. Contact Sky customer services to upgrade to a newer HD box.

On Demand: Available to TV customers with compatible Sky box. Downloading content also requires a broadband connection. Selection of shows/series available does vary from month to month.


A common reason for contacting Sky support is for queries regarding to Sky TV installation. Appointments need to be made by home and business customers alike in order for installation to be arranged. To setup, change, or check on the status of an installation appointment with a Sky engineer, contact Sky on their customer service contact number – phone 0800 151 2747. In certain cases and for certain Sky services, setup fees will apply, so speak with a member of the customer service team in order to determine what setup fees (if any) you are obligated to pay upon joining Sky. For a general guide to the fees you can expect, view Sky’s website along with the terms and conditions relating to the particular services you’ve bought.

Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre (superfast fibre-optic broadband)

Aside from Sky TV, Sky Broadband (including standard broadband and fibre packages) is Sky’s most popular service requiring customer service assistance over the phone. With certain packages, a year of free support in your home or business premises is provided courtesy of Sky’s expert on-call engineers.

Broadband package options include Sky Broadband Unlimited (which offers download speeds of up to 17Mb/s) and Sky Fibre (with or without limits, offering download speeds of up to 38Mb). As per its name, the Sky Broadband Unlimited package is unlimited in how much you’re able to download per month, while if you who opt for Sky Fibre you will have a choice between a fixed maximum usage allowance or unmetred permit to download as much as you like each month.

Sky Broadband and Fibre comes with:

Broadband Shield: An online tool provided at no extra cost that allows you to control your family’s online experience on all internet-connected devices within the home. Shield also works to provide protection for your computer against phishing and malware-infected websites.

Hub: A wireless router which gives you WiFi connectivity throughout your home. This router is included when you sign up for Sky Broadband.

WiFi: Unlimited WiFi provided at no extra cost. Eliminates concerns of exceeding data allowance (if applicable). The Sky WiFi app can be used to locate thousands of hotspot locations across the UK. Up to 6 wireless enabled devices can be registered at no additional cost.

Sky Go: Watch shows from virtually anywhere on up to two compatible devices.

Sky Yahoo! Mail: Stay connected with family, friends, and co-workers via the included Yahoo-powered email account.

The all-purpose Sky contact telephone numbers 0800 151 2747 can be dialled at any time between 8:30am and 11:30pm 7 days a week to speak with a customer service representative who can guide you through the process of selecting a broadband internet service for your home or business. Help is obviously also available for those who wish to transfer from a different service provider to Sky. Installation assistance is provided for any Sky service, and the Sky website provides detailed instructions on how to operate any equipment provided with any Sky package.

For a comprehensive comparison of all available Sky Broadband and Fibre packages, view this page on the Sky website:

Sky Talk – the home phone service from Sky

Sky Talk is a telephone service to power the phone calls to & from your home phone, mobile and business, and is available from as little as £4 per month plus the line rental surcharge.

Sky Talk - Home Phone

There are three Sky Talk plans to choose from, with each providing different options for the types and times of talking that you do most. Sky customer services can help you to select the plan that meets your needs and is most affordable.

Sky Talk plans include:

Evenings and Weekends Extra: UK landlines are 9.5p a minute, UK mobiles are 12.7p a minute between the hours of 7am-7pm. Nights and weekends are included, as are calls to 0800 numbers and calls to Sky customer service. International calls are charged at standard rates.

Anytime Extra: All calls at any time are included. International calls are 2p a minute to 22 destinations.

International Extra: All calls at any time are included, as are international calls to 50 destinations.

Accounts and Billing

All Sky subscribers are provided with the ability to view and pay their monthly bills online. Should questions arise in regard to charges on your bill, speak directly with a Sky customer services team member.

Apple and Android apps are available for account management. Accounts can also be managed from any computer via the internet. In some cases, changes of service can be requested online without the need to speak with a representative; however, for security purposes, some changes will require a phone call to Sky’s support staff before they can be completed.

Service problems should be reported promptly by phoning 0800 151 2747 (between 8:30am and 11:30pm) or you can report a problem online (24 hours a day). Note that solutions to many common problems can be found online by visiting Sky’s customer help centre:

If the solution to your problem cannot be found online, and you prefer not to use the phone, you’ll need to login to create a support ticket. The time it takes for the problem to be fixed will depend on the nature of the problem but be sure to ask your Sky customer service representative to provide you with an estimated time for repair or resolution (merely asking the question may speed things up).


What are Sky’s best-selling services?

Sky TV, Sky Broadband (internet) and Sky Talk (home phone). Each of these services is available in several different packages, which can be browsed at or by enquired about by phoning the Sky customer support team.

How can I contact Sky Customer Services?

Sky Customer Services can be contacted via phone, email, social media, and live chat. Phone support is available from 8:30am and 11:30pm (UK time), 7 days a week, by phoning 0800 151 2747 from a landline or mobile phone. Online support can be initiated by visiting When available, live chat can be opened up from any page on the Sky website.

Sky Phone Numbers

Helpline UK Contact Number International Number
Sky Customer Service 0800 151 2747 +44 800 151 2747
Sky (UK Freephone) 0800 151 2747 +44 800 151 2747

What should I do when moving home?

In most cases, your Sky services can move with you. To ensure your home move goes smoothly, contact a customer service representative as soon as possible to report that you will be moving – give them the date of moving if you have it, else give them an estimated date and agree on a date for switching the service from the one home to the next.

If a new installation service is required for your new home, this can be scheduled when speaking to the representative over the phone or in Live Chat. To schedule a change of service from one location to another online, visit If you plan to make any changed to your standing order, you should confirm this with Sky before doing so else you risk your account being deactivated.

Are there any deals or discounts available?

Yes. Sky always offers special deals for those who shop around to find them. Deals include free service for a period of time, discounted service prices, equipment upgrades, free products, and more. To find out more about the latest special offers, call Sky on their freephone number 0800 151 2747. You can also visit to stay up-to-date with the latest deals on offer.

Get cashback via Quidco and TopCashback

£100 Sky cashback reward

If you’re looking for simple, straight discounts for money off a package you’ve already chosen, try using a cashback website like TopCashback (see: Sky TV cashback for new customers or Sky TV upgrades for existing customers) or Quidco (see: TV & Broadband for new customers or TV & Broadband upgrades).

These cashback sites also offer voucher codes which you can input at the checkout when buying online for instant discounts.

Can I track my order online?

Yes. Visit: to view the current status of any order. This includes tracking postal delivery and engineer appointments. Estimated arrival times are provided for all engineer visits. Activation dates are also available via the link above.

What should I do if my service is not working properly?

Contact Sky to report any loss of service or problems with equipment. A Sky customer service team member will be able to provide you with information on any widespread service outages, and can also log your report of the problem. Information relating to common problems and solutions can be found online, but if these do not address your problem, contact Sky directly.

Are business services available?

Sky offers services for both business and residential customers. Business services include the same services offered for homes, such as television, internet, and phone. Business solutions can be discussed over the phone, and are also available for your perusal online at:

Can I speak with a Sky Customer Service representative in person?

Sky has over 250 retail store locations across the United Kingdom. At each location you can experience Sky TV prior to committing to subscribing. Store locations are available online via the Sky website. Simply enter your postcode to find the store nearest you, and pop in personally for some excellent face-to-face customer service.

Join Sky On Social Media

Naturally Sky maintains an active online social media presence – you can read micro news bulletins and contact Sky via these social profile pages:



Assistance is provided on Facebook via the main page, but for Sky help via Twitter, customer enquiries should be directed to: @SkyHelpTeam. While these are both suitable methods of contacting Sky with non-urgent, non-essential enquiries, making a phone call is always recommended for anything more serious, especially where sensitive personal details need to be exchanged such as in billing and account related enquiries.

Never share your personal information in publically-visible format on social media sites – especially your personal contact details and most especially your credit card / bank details.

  • 1990 – British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) was born from a merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting
  • 1991 – Sky obtained broadcast rights for Premier League football games
  • 1994 – Plans were announced to float BSkyB on both the UK and US stock markets
  • 1995 – Sky’s 2nd Customer Management Centre opened in Dunfermline, Scotland
  • 1997 – Sky began work on its digital satellite network
  • 2003 – Sky launched its own range of music channels
  • 2007 – Sky announced its takeover of Amstrad
  • 2007 – Rupert Murdoch stepped down from being Sky’s Chairman & CEO – he was replaced by his son, James Murdoch
  • 2010 – Sky acquired one of its biggest rivals in the UK’s digital TV and broadband market: Virgin Media Television
  • 2014 – Sky, formally BSkyB, announced a formal name change to Sky PLC
  • 2015 – Sky’s formal company name governing its operations in the United Kingdom became Sky UK Limited – no longer the PLC